Our History

Firm Practice :

We began in 1974 with a concept which quickly made it a leader in the credit and collection industry. Raymond F. Staber began his career as a representative with a leading firm in the industry. Seeing what he felt was a better approach to collecting delinquent receivables, he set out to form his own firm based on the idea of involving an experienced attorney immediately in the collection process. The results were extraordinary and have been the cornerstone of the growth that R.F. Staber, Inc. has experienced. Over the years, R.F. Staber, Inc. has developed an impressive portfolio of clients.

Representative Client List :

Cinergy; General Electric Company; Sherwin Williams Company; and Cincinnati Machine.

Firm Size :

2 Attorneys
3 Legal Secretaries
9 Collectors
5 Secretarial/Administrative Staff
2 Clerical Staff

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